Financing Health Sector

The health sector is a significant government body, and the government of any country should ensure it has enough funds to cater for the needs of its citizens. The government should ensure the availability of hospitals to the reach of its citizens. Health sector divisions are three primary sections; the dispensaries, health centers, and hospitals. The dispensaries are on the lower level of the health care pyramid. They are many and serve citizens present in a 5-kilometer radius. These dispensaries get funding by the government in terms of the services they offer to the residents. The essential financing is by the provision of qualified personnel, provision of medicines and improvement of infrastructure.

The middle sector of the health care pyramid is the health centers. These health centers receive more funds than the dispensaries because they cater for a large group of people. They serve residents in a ten-kilometer radius. The health centers are more equipped than dispensaries and handle complicated issues. The health centers have wards and theaters that require qualified personnel to operate in them. The government manages the personnel and provides funds that will help in maintaining the high level of services in these health centers. Clinical officers head the health centers, and they have the mandate of improving the health center in terms of infrastructure and medical supplies.

The highest level of the health care pyramid is the hospitals. Hospitals are very significant in the country because they act as referrals from the dispensaries and health centers. The government ensures large funds gets into the hospitals. The hospitals have doctors and specialists who participate in handling referrals. Major surgeries take place in these hospitals and also research. The government selects one of the doctors to be the medical superintendent to manage the activities and development within the hospital. The medical superintendent ensures that the there is the proper use of the research money, and the results of the research should be presented according to the time schedule. The medical superintendent is accountable for income and expenses of the hospital.

Users of these health facilities pay charges that help in running of the health facilities. Although the charges are insignificant in comparison to the services in place, the amount is very significant. The charges help in repair of the hospital equipment or infrastructure development. The government concerns itself in financing of only the government facilities. The private health facilities get their financing mainly from users who pay huge amounts of money for the services. In comparison with the private health sectors, the government facilities are very much less cheap than the private sector.

The World Health Organization is a significant global funding agent that supports the government hospitals and facilities. The medical superintendent and clinical offers are responsible for funds from World Health Organization. Many of the world’s research are through the support of World Health Organization.  World Health Organization ensures that there is exhaustive conduction of health research and communication of the results. Some researchers have recommendations in which World Health Organization ensures that these recommendations are fulfilled. Some situations there is the policy making and implementation; the World Health Organization ensures that the policy gets into place and doing of documentation. Unfortunately there aren’t really any coupon codes for this type of thing.

The government finances the government health facilities by the levying of taxes of the imported medical supplies. This ensures that the hospitals, dispensaries, and health centers get the latest and modern equipment at an affordable price. Levying of taxes ensures clients of government health facilities get the quality and affordable medication. Government health facilities target low-income earners who cannot afford the private health services. The government ensures health is not a debatable issue but crucial that need immediate action. Government health care facilities get numerous numbers of clients who expect to get the quality services. The government is increasing the public health facilities to accommodate the increasing number of clients.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) leads to the development of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The government is ensuring that HIV gets the necessary management to prevent spreading and acquiring AIDS. Antiretroviral drugs are available from the government. They ensure longevity of individuals with human immunodeficiency virus. Antiretroviral drugs are expensive. The government reduces the ARV prices to zero so that all those who access the government facilities can get treatment for free. Healthy people are significant in the growth of the economy. The government is ensuring the HIV individuals also contribute to the growth of the economy by offering them with free medication.

health-insuranceLifestyle diseases are also expensive to manage. The government collaborates with various international bodies in the management of lifestyle disease. These diseases are diabetes, cancer, and hypertension. The government gives training to the affected individuals free and reduces the treatment price. Decentralization of these services ensures there is less congestion in the primary hospitals than in the rural hospitals.

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